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About us

My name is Jeff Jones. I'm a cyclist committed to the non-suspended bicycle. My ideas and passion have created an exceptional ride - a trail-blazing geometry that delivers superb handling, comfort and efficiency. My bikes are available in titanium and steel, to be ridden off-road (and on) for exploring and racing, adventures and fun. They are outrageously responsive bicycles - frame and forks designed in harmony to provide a rigid bicycle that is anything but. A pure cycling experience like no other.


Jones Motorbikes Sizing

Jones Motorbikes HD/e framesets and complete bikes come in three sizes. To find out which size you may need, please check the basic size chart below. It’s recommended that you have 1” minimum clearance when standing over the top tube.

Jones Motorbikes Sizing Guidelines
  Small Medium Large
Rider Height 5'4" - 5'8" 5'7" - 6'2" 6' - 6'6"
Stand-Over Height
(at center of top tube)
30.5" 31.5" 33"

         Jones Motorbikes Stand-Over Height Guidelines


For fit, first you need to be sure you have enough stand over clearance over the top tube (at least one inch or more) for how and where you ride. While wearing the shoes you will be riding with, use a broomstick held between your legs and raise it up until it's firm. Then measure from the top of the stick to the floor. Another way is to use a book. With your back against a wall. Place a book between your legs and press the book firmly underneath you. Then measure from the top of the book to the floor.


If you fit multiple sizes, which should you choose? 

  • If you prefer more standover height or want to sit more upright, then go with the smaller frame.

  • If you’re planning on bikepacking or touring, a larger frame might work best as it will have more framepack capacity. A larger frame will also have a longer wheelbase which makes the bike more stable.

  • If you’re riding in very technical terrain most of the time, you might prefer a smaller frame size in order to get the extra standover clearance which will help you to move around on the bike more easily.

  • If you have shorter legs, you would probably be better off with the smaller size frame to ensure that you have enough standover clearance.  

Finally, if you're just not sure, feel free to contact us!